Dieses Gästebuch dient den Besuchern dieser Webseite zur Kommunikation mit mir, dem Webmaster, und mit anderen Besuchern. Die Beiträge die die Besucher hinterlassen sollten also im Interesse derer liegen die sich die Zeit und Mühe machen das Gästebuch zu lesen! Dieses Gästebuch ist nicht gedacht für Leute die etwas bewerben was nicht im Kontext mit den Inhalten dieser Webseite steht. Es sind nur sinnvolle und zum Thema passende Beiträge (Graffiti) erwünscht und erlaubt! Kommerzielle Werbung ist in jeder Form verboten, ebenso Links auf jugendgefährdende, verfassungsfeindliche oder ähnliche Seiten. Entsprechende Beiträge werden kommentarlos gelöscht.

This guestbook is provided to allow visitors to my web site to communicate with me, the Webmaster, and with other visitors. The comments that people leave should therefore have some interest to those who take the time and trouble to read the guestbook. It is not provided for those who wish to advertise anything not related to this web site or its contents.

If you want to advertise another web site please read the following:

1. My Guestbook is not indexed by any of the major search engines- including Google. Therefore the presence of a link on it will not improve the search engine 'rating' of any web site related to that link.

2. Any links included in any part of a submitted guestbook entry are automatically deleted before the submission is displayed.

3. If you would like a link to your web site displayed at then please contact the Webmaster by email. It is the policy of this web site to exchange links with other sites that have synergy with this one.

4. All entries submitted by 'robots' or other automatic means are ignored. Only entries submitted manually via the Guestbook Entry page are recognised.

5. Although entries are checked automatically upon submission, it is impossible to exclude all cases of abuse. However, the guestbook is very regularly checked and offending entries are normally deleted within a few hours. The IP addresses of offenders- both those removed automatically and manually- are then permanently excluded from providing further entries. In extreme cases all IP addresses of a given ISP can be blocked by the web server. In these cases, the abuse will be reported to the ISP of the offender.

6. Email addresses left by visitors on my Guestbook are now each individually protected from 'address harvesting' robots. This means that actual addresses are not displayed and that visitors must have a java-enabled browser (e.g. MS Internet Explorer 5 or 6) in order to communicate with other guests.

Sadly, these measure have been made necessary because of past abuse.

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