All the Blackbook Music above is made and supported by DJ Maro and the Cornercamp MCs. For any questions write an email to:

If you don't like our music, try WeFunk Radio from Montreal Canada. Thanks to Professor Groove for directly linking them!

Professor Groove and DJ Static team up and break it down to the deep funk, underground hip-hop, and rare grooves on the weekly show WeFunk.


You could also try pasting this URL into your mp3 player or media player program:

If you have problems see our listening tips below.

You need an mp3 program or media player that works with shoutcast streams (streaming mp3)

Recommended players for WINDOWS:
  Winamp, Sonique, Zinf (formerly Freeamp)  
Recommended players for UNIX:
  XMMS, mpg123, Zinf (formerly Freeamp)  
Recommended players for MAC:
  iTunes, Audion  

RealPlayer and Windows Media Player might work, but aren't recommended.

You need a broadband internet connection
DSL, Cable, T1+ should all work great. A modem connection isn't fast enough for the stream, making the audio skip and pause.

Your web browser must be configured correctly
Most of the programs listed above will automatically configure your browser when they are installed.
If you know that you have a shoutcast-capable audio program, but your web browser doesn't load it when you click the 'Listen' link, then you may need to configure it yourself.
Set the browser to run your audio program for documents with the MIME type 'audio/x-scpls' and extension 'pls'.